Adopt the Best Practices of Infrastructure as Code with HashiCorp Terraform

Dec 17, 2019

Learn why infrastructure as code is the right direction for your organization and see how Terraform helps implement it.


  • Rosemary Wang

    Rosemary Wang

    Developer Advocate, HashiCorp

As more and more organizations start harnessing the elasticity of cloud infrastructure—where you can spin up thousands of machines in the morning and scale them down in the afternoon—the concept of infrastructure as code is becoming the universal method for orchestrating and deploying these modern infrastructures.

Infrastructure as code allows powerful management and automation of large-scale infrastructure provisioning by treating infrastructure as software. Like application code, infrastructure code can be version controlled, tested, re-used, documented (or used as the documentation itself), and automated. Using infrastructure as code allows easier management of immutable infrastructure (a common best practice in many cases) and prevents configuration drift.

In this webinar, HashiCorp developer advocate Rosemary Wang will explain the specific workflow challenges that have lead to infrastructure as code and will explore the functionality of HashiCorp Terraform, an open source tool that can provision infrastructure across multiple-cloud vendors using built-in infrastructure as code management systems.

» Outline

0:00 — Polls and Introduction to Infrastructure as Code

8:47 — Infrastructre as Code Challenges

13:53 — Solving challenges with HashiCorp Terraform

32:40 — Collaboration & Scaling of Infrastructure as Code

48:23 — Q&A

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