Case Study

Adopting Consul for Service Discovery at Mercedes-Benz

Watch this video case study on Mercedes-Benz's journey to Kubernetes on Azure which was aided by Consul service discovery.


  • Sriram Govindarajan
    Sriram GovindarajanPrincipal Infrastructure Engineer at Mercedes-Benz

After briefly evaluating both open source and paid service discovery tools, Mercedes-Benz R&D chose HashiCorp Consul Enterprise as their service discovery mechanism in their effort to migrate to Azure.

Consul lets the team spread more than 200 microservices over several AKS clusters. Each AKS cluster connects to a local Consul client, which feeds into a Consul cluster that forms a larger service discovery mesh, allowing engineers to find and connect services in a matter of minutes with minimal effort.

Learn the story of how Mercedes-Benz Principal Infrastructure Engineer Sriram Govindarajan came to this choice and what the results were in this case study presentation. The video concludes with Q&A as well.

Be sure to read the official Mercedes-Benz case study on

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