Boundary: The Latest in Secure Access Management

This HashiConf Global 2021 "State of Boundary" session will demo the project's latest features as well as an upcoming feature.

It’s been one year since HashiCorp Boundary’s public release. Since then, the project has matured at lightning speed, with new capabilities like the Boundary Desktop and the ability to broker HashiCorp Vault secrets for Boundary targets. In the HashiConf 2021 opening keynote, we announced a new collaboration with Microsoft and Azure Active Directory to advance the integration of Boundary and Azure AD. This session, is a follow-up “state of Boundary” that gives a brief overview, a highly-illustrative demo, and a look at the road ahead.

A Brief Re-Introduction to Boundary

In this HashiConf Global 2021 session, Senior Boundary Engineer Mike Gaffney will give a quick introduction and overview of Boundary, a new security tool from HashiCorp that enters an emerging category of next-generation secure session management / remote access platforms that tries to improve upon traditional patterns and tools such as PAM, bastion hosts, and VPNs. 

Demo: Northern Winds & Southern Seas 

After a 4-minute introduction, Mike hands things off to HashiCorp Software Engineer Susmitha Girumala, who dives into a demo of HashiCorp Boundary showcasing all of its most recent capabilities. After the demo, Mike comes back to talk about the new observability features of Boundary. 

Coming Soon: Dynamic Host Catalogs

Susmitha also demos Boundary’s dynamic host catalog capabilities, a new feature coming in the next version of Boundary. Dynamic host catalogs will automate host discovery from cloud providers and service registries.

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