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Recorded Webinar

Configure Observability as Code with Terraform & Datadog

Learn how to register and configure applications for Datadog in Terraform Cloud


Observability can reduce potential outages for modern application deployments. Tools like Datadog make it easier to gain visibility into these key metrics, but how do you ensure that all members of your organizations are implementing best practices at the provisioning stage? How do you ensure consistent observability across any environment?

This webinar will explore how organizations can collaborate to implement observability principles and practices throughout their environments. From provisioning to production, we’ll discuss how to leverage the Terraform Datadog provider to ensure that new applications are registered with Datadog’s platform, and how to manage any changes via a single workflow.

We’ll explain how Terraform Cloud enables organizations to share Datadog configurations across teams, check them into version control systems, and deploy them in a scalable fashion. Finally, we’ll cover practical tips, such as how to configure monitors and dashboards for HashiCorp Consul within Datadog.


0:00 — Introduction to Datadog and Terraform

4:42 — What is Observability as Code?

7:03 — How do Datadog and Terraform Integrate?

10:08 — Demo: Registering and configuring applications for Datadog in Terraform Cloud

41:28 — Q&A

GitHub Repo


  • Is it possible to import the Terraform state or even the resources for the Datadog provider from existing dashboards?

  • Does the Datadog TF provider provide 100% support for everything available from Datadog API? If not, how big is the gap?

  • How do you secure secrets in TF Cloud? Is Vault integration supported or will be supported?

  • In a mono-repository (monorepo) format, does each subfolder have its own state file?

  • What options do we have to validate query language?

  • Can the validation be done earlier in the run?

  • What testing frameworks are recommended?

  • Can I try Datadog and Terraform Cloud locally to run on a sample application?

  • What is the best practice for a branching strategy between Terraform Cloud and GitHub? See: And:

  • How's the integration between Datadog and Azure?

  • Can you demo/explain exporting the dashboard to port back into Terraform?

  • Can you please provide an example on how to automatically correlate multiple alerts and suppress certain alerts so we don’t get multiple alerts?

  • Does the GitLab MonoRepo have one or more gitlab-ci.yml files?

  • How does Datadog integrate with service mesh?

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