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Eliminating Secret Sprawl in the Cloud with HashiCorp Vault

The challenge of secrets sprawl has arisen as organizations migrate to cloud. Previous infrastructure of dedicated servers, static IP addresses, and a clear network perimeter are fading as architects choose the advantages and flexibility of cloud with elastic pools of infrastructure and dynamic IP addresses, but also without clear perimeters.


  • Becca Petrin
    Becca PetrinSoftware Engineer, Vault, HashiCorp
  • Chris Kent
    Chris KentSenior Director Product Marketing, Security & Networking, HashiCorp

Managing secrets in a distributed cloud world requires a new approach to security.

Applications and systems are now frequently created and destroyed. The network between distributed clouds, applications, and systems is low-trust, furthering the complexities of secrets sprawl. So, what is the solution?

HashiCorp Vault seeks to solve the problem of secret sprawl by centralizing secrets management in a scalable, repeatable workflow to be able to create, manage, and revoke secrets as needed.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How Vault addresses today’s security threats
  • How security teams can use Vault to store and manage all their secrets across their private and public infrastructure, globally.
  • How Adobe reduced secret sprawl, increased operational performance of a key security process, and processes 100 trillion transactions with Vault

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