Elsevier's container framework with Nomad, Terraform, and Consul

Explore a live demo of how Elsevier productionized Nomad for their container workload. The framework developed utilizes Terraform, Consul, and Nomad with additional enhancements written by the team.

The technology industry is adopting Docker at an ever-increasing rate, and with hundreds of complex web services and distributed systems, over 30 million users worldwide, 7,000 employees and more than 1,000 technologists spread across 12 countries, the desire to do so within Elsevier is no different. With more development teams adopting micro-service architectures, Elsevier needed to develop a container solution. Adopting a container platform, an inherently complex task was made all the more difficult by the requirement that each development team be able to deploy, run, and maintain their own clusters with little to no core infrastructure support.

Faced with this challenge, the Elsevier Core Engineering team embarked on a 3-month project to design and build a framework which would meet the stringent set of requirements provided by development and operations teams. The framework developed utilizes Terraform, Consul, and Nomad with additional enhancements written by the team to provide an operationally simple, scalable, fast, and fault tolerant solution that can be deployed to production standards in under 4 minutes.

This talk features a live demonstration of the platform, the new deployment features of Nomad 0.6 and the custom services written in Go by Elsevier that provide fully automated scaling of Nomad jobs and agents.

» Speakers:

  • James Rasell, Principle Engineer at Elsevier
  • Eric Westfall, Principle Engineer at Elsevier

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