Enterprise Deployment to Azure and AWS in Azure DevOps

Learn how one team had to make the painful transition from AWS-only tools and processes, to a cloud-agnostic process with Terraform.

Kyler Middleton's team has a strong DevOps component. However, they were only deploying to AWS, so they the used SparkleFormation Ruby backend to generate CloudFormation templates.

When they suddenly needed to support Microsoft Azure also, and were broken into separate teams from their dedicated DevOps group, which supported SparkleFormation. They decided to use new tooling (HashiCorp Terraform) on a new CI/CD platform (Azure DevOps) to support multiple teams for many different projects.

This is their story.

What You'll Learn

This talk will feature technical a breakdown of solutions and tooling deployed to solve business problems, all deployed in a greenfield style demo and mapped to a CloudFormation, DevOps-friendly culture.

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