Everything as Code With Terraform

Learn how to extend HashiCorp Terraform to manage anything with an API in this demo-driven talk from All Things Open.


The main use case for Terraform is as an infrastructure as code tool for declaratively building and maintaining complex infrastructures in the cloud and on-prem. But because of Terraform's plugin-like provider ecosystem, it can also use many other software tool setups "as code" by supporting 80+ non-infrastructure providers. This is the definition of Everything as Code—a flexible state engine that can manage anything with an API.

In this demo-driven talk by HashiCorp developer advocate Rosemary Wang, you'll get a sense of the internals of Terraform and learn how it works. See how Terraform can be used to automate almost anything as code, including ordering pizza.

Tips for building everything as code

  • Non-ideal upstream APIs
    • Read-only provider
    • Write your own client
  • Testing
    • Express functionality in acceptance tests
    • Examine interface changes with contract tests
  • Alerts as code
    • Datadog
    • Grafana
    • PagerDuty
  • To do as code
    • Google calendar
    • G Suite
    • Todoist
  • Life as code
    • Translation API
    • API
    • Domino's Pizza API
    • Pokemon API

Essentially, Terraform can be used like a RPA or BPA tool (Robotic Process Automation and Business Process Automation) in addition to managing your entire IT infrastructure.

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