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Recorded Webinar

Getting Started with Service Networking & Secrets Management on Cloud

As organizations move towards “cloud”, the importance of building good operating foundations becomes critical in creating scalable and reduced-risk environments. To help customers address the complexity of that challenge, HashiCorp has introduced HashiCorp Cloud Platform. Hear from HashiCorp's Peter McCarron, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, and Justin Weissig, Vault Technical Marketing, as they dive into how you can get started with service networking and secrets management on cloud with HCP.

HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) is HashiCorp’s fully managed platform that helps practitioners deploy and run HashiCorp tools without the operational complexity of running a self-hosted solution. To aid in establishing secure foundations within cloud environments, our first offerings for HCP are Consul and Vault. In this webinar, we’ll explore how those solutions can be used to enable secure service-to-service connectivity and manage application secrets on workloads in AWS.

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  • Peter McCarron
    Peter McCarronSr Product Marketing Manager
  • Justin Weissig
    Justin WeissigVault Technical Marketing

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