HashiConf 2019 Opening Keynote

Watch live demos of the latest new features in Terraform Cloud and the newly released HashiCorp Consul Service on Azure beta.

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This year, HashiConf returned to its spiritual birthplace in Seattle where co-founders Mitchell Hashimoto and Armon Dadgar first met at the University of Washington.

In the opening keynote, the co-founders shared exciting announcements around Terraform Cloud and Consul.

First, the GA release of Terraform Cloud launched as of this week. This was a major step forward for three reasons: One, Terraform is now software as a service that you can spin up in seconds. Two, Terraform Cloud provides the optimal, best-practice workflows from the makers of the tool itself. And three, the Terraform Cloud for Teams tier is a low-cost middle ground for organizations that aren't at enterprise scale usage or budget, but still want to use advanced features that help teams collaborate in Terraform.

The second major announcement was HashiCorp Consul Service (HCS) on Azure, the first fully managed service mesh product on the market. With this service, HashiCorp's SREs are handling your service mesh's cluster provisioning, backups, restores, upgrades, and more. It lowers the barrier to entry for an organization to leverage Consul for service discovery or service mesh across heterogeneous environments. Billing and identity are handled through Azure so there's no additional administrative burden.

Watch the full keynote, or our keynote segments to understand the full breadth of the HashiCorp vision and this week's new product announcements.

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