HashiConf Digital Keynote - HashiCorp Cloud Platform Announcement

We've recently unveiled our new flagship cloud offering HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP), a fully managed platform offering HashiCorp products as a service to automate infrastructure on any cloud.


As cloud adoption journeys progress, organizations are looking to reduce overhead, reduce risk, and take new products to markets faster. The SaaS model reduces complexity and increases efficiency by eliminating the need for the end user to operate the underlying infrastructure. Demand for HashiCorp SaaS offerings has risen as our customer base has grown and expanded usage of our products for increasingly critical workloads at higher scales across a mix of environments and cloud providers. Multiple SaaS offerings have been introduced in response to the demand.

HashiCorp's First SaaS Offerings

Since the initial announcement of Terraform Cloud, there have been over 55K sign-ups.

We also introduced HashiCorp Consul Service (or HCS) on Azure, in which a user can provision dedicated Consul infrastructure into their Azure subscription directly through the Azure portal. This enables a team to secure application networks across AKS, Azure Compute, and on-premise data centers while offloading the complicated operational aspects to HashiCorp. This end result is faster migration to Azure for critical workloads with the safety and security guarantees that Consul can provide in an untrusted network environment.

The success of Terraform Cloud and HCS on Azure has led to demand for cloud service offerings for all HashiCorp products. Enterprise customers who often use two or more products have expressed interest in a platform solution.

HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP)

To address the increased demand for cloud services and meet the needs of HashiCorp users and customers more holistically, we are excited to introduce our new flagship cloud offering—the HashiCorp Cloud Platform.

Our vision for HCP has three key components:

  1. Push-button deployment of any HashiCorp product to help teams move applications to the cloud faster.
  2. Fully managed infrastructure to enable a team to focus on building applications instead of managing clusters.
  3. One workflow across all cloud providers to give teams the flexibility to run applications wherever they need to.

HCP provides a suite of managed services for HashiCorp products with built-in workflows to deploy production-ready infrastructure pre-configured according to the latest best practices. Pay-as-you-go pricing lowers the barrier to entry so that smaller teams and organizations can get critical workloads into production quickly.

Upgrades, backups, monitoring, and scaling are handled automatically by the engineering teams that build the core products. Operational issues are resolved quickly since debug and performance related information is readily available to operators and support engineers.

HCP Consul

Our first service available from HCP is HCP Consul—now in private beta (available for AWS). As a fully managed service, HCP Consul will be the easiest way to enable secure service networking (service discovery and service mesh) for AWS workloads across EKS, ECS, EC2, and other services, and to connect AWS environments to other cloud environments and to private data centers.

Interested users can request access to the private beta at this page.

What's Next?

HCP Vault will be the next service that we bring online - also available initially on AWS.

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