How Capital One Runs a Large-Scale Private Cloud Infrastructure With Terraform

See how Capital One manages hundreds of VPCs in multiple regions with HashiCorp Terraform.


  • Jeff Storey

    Jeff Storey

    Director of Cloud Tools Development, Capital One

In this talk, Jeff Storey, the director of cloud tools development at CapitalOne, discusses how his company uses Terraform at "a very large scale."

At Capital One, Storey and his team works to deliver what they call "VPC Bones" which serves as private cloud infrastructure that lets application teams easily build their services on a self-service pool of infrastructure resources.

Capital One has millions of customers, thousands of developers and recently has migrated thousands of apps from their data center to the cloud. Their cloud is comprised of hundreds of VPCs across multiple regions.

The migration itself and the processes afterward presented many challenges. The company needed operations in their new cloud infrastructure to be fast, consistent, and secure.

Terraform was helpful in getting Capital One to this point. It's purpose-built for creating the self-service infrastructure that Capital One needed. The ease of use with HCL, reusable code, modularity, and integrations make it the ideal tool for managing infrastructure as code.

Watch the talk to learn all how Terraform fits into Capital One's tool suite for managing infrastructure as code and providing secure approvals for operations processes.

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