Keynote: HCP Boundary and Consul Cluster Peering

Armon Dadgar lays out what modern identity-based security models look like and introduces new Vault and Consul features, along with an HCP service for Boundary.

»HCP Boundary

The day-two keynote of HashiConf Europe saw the release of a new managed service on the HashiCorp Cloud Platform: HCP Boundary. This service, now available to try for free in public beta, is the fastest and simplest way to start doing modern secure session management. 

»HCP Consul on Azure Public Beta, Consul HA API Gateways, and Cluster Peering

We announced several new features for Consul in conjunction with HashiConf Europe. Earlier this month we launched HCP Consul on Azure as a public beta, along with Consul service mesh integration with AWS Lambda. The Consul API Gateway added the ability to generate redundant versions of logical gateways for high availability. We also announced a tech preview of a new feature coming in Consul 1.13: Cluster peering lets users connect multiple multi-tenant environments while still maintaining isolation at the administrative level. 

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