Keynote: Terraform Drift Detection and HCP Waypoint

HashiCorp shares its latest milestones along with new features and services for Terraform and Waypoint.

»Drift Detection

In the opening keynote of HashiConf Europe 2022, HashiCorp Co-Founder and CTO Armon Dadgar announced a major new feature for Terraform Cloud: Drift Detection. This capability, now in public beta, offers a polished and sophisticated workflow for detecting infrastructure drift, building notifications around it, and remediating it. 

»HCP Waypoint

HashiCorp Waypoint, our application deployment tool that aims to deliver a PaaS-like experience for Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, and other platforms, is now available as a managed service on HCP in private beta. If you have a use case for Waypoint, sign up to try our HCP Waypoint beta

»New HashiCorp Developer Site

The opening keynote also announced the public beta launch of our new HashiCorp Developer site. This platform pulls together content from our documentation pages, HashiCorp Learn, and other sources to create a centralized practitioner-reference portal. You can now browse the Vault and Waypoint sections, which are the first topics available on the site. 

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