Recorded Webinar

Lessons Learned: Migration to the Cloud in A Highly Regulated Public Sector

Learn how HashiCorp and AWS helped a highly regulated public sector organization migrate 200+ applications to the cloud in 6 months after a stalled 2-year initiative.


  • Irshad Buchh
    Irshad BuchhWorld Wide Public Sector Solutions Architect, AWS
  • Vinnie Ramirez
    Vinnie RamirezSr. Cloud Solutions Architect, HashiCorp
  • Tim Olson
    Tim OlsonSr. Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp

In highly regulated government organizations, moving applications and data to the cloud can be extremely difficult given the legacy technologies some of these agencies maintain, and also because some have to comply with heavy security regulations.

To meet each of these challenges, HashiCorp and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have products and workflows that can keep these public sector organizations from falling way behind the private sector in IT capabilities.

What You'll Learn

In this webinar, HashiCorp and AWS speakers will introduce their process for secure migration to a hybrid cloud model that also can work with the legacy tech of the public sector. You'll also hear specifics about the journey of one large civilian federal agency toward a hybrid cloud model, and you'll see where HashiCorp and AWS made that digital transformation possible.


0:00 — Introductions & State of cloud and hybrid architectures across the public sector

19:40 — The steps toward secure cloud adoption for public sector organizations

36:01 — Case Study: A large civilian federal agency's journey to a hybrid cloud model

50:10 — Q&A

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