Case Study

Making Automatically Compliant Design Documents with Infrastructure as Code

Feb 27, 2020

Learn how NTT DATA has integrated design document change management and compliance into their Terraform workflow.

NTT DATA holds one of the largest market shares in System Integration (SI) business in Japan. Design documents are an important delivery material in an SI relationship. The reason why is that they describe not only actual setting values, but also design policy parameters.

However, divergence of values between the design document and the actual servers often occurs in a real-world environment. Operational errors typically happen when developers transcribe parameters and values from design documents to IaC codes.

To systematically address these issues, NTT DATA has adopted infrastructure as code (IaC) tools, such as Ansible, Serverspec, and Terraform. They standardized a format of design documents and developed a solution where their infrastructure code automatically refers to the parameters in design documents.

Their private cloud provided the IaC solution described above, and it has thus far positively impacted cost, quality, and delivery time of infrastructure development.

In this talk, you'll get some insight into how this works.

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