Managing Terraform Module Versioning and Dependencies

Feb 27, 2020

Learn how Kong Cloud manages their Terraform and Nomad deployments by mitigating some complexities.


  • Robert Paprocki

    Robert Paprocki

    Cloud Engineer, Kong

Complex Terraform environments can quickly become unwieldy as dependencies grow. Preventing circular dependencies within an ecosystem of internal Terraform modules can be a daunting task : circular dependencies, complex change, and tight integration among providers can produce environments where Terraform code is no longer idempotent or reproducible. Versioning in-house Terraform modules to separate out dev/stage/prod environments or other branching needs adds an additional layer of complexity.

» What You'll Learn

This talk discusses how the team at Kong Cloud manages our Terraform deployments through tooling solutions around dependency management, preaching a culture of creating small, reusable Terraform modules, and leveraging community tools for versioning and common variable management. This talk also discusses how these tools and practices are extended to our logical software deployments, using Terraform to shape and manage Nomad job definitions.

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