Recorded Webinar

Learn How to Run a Multi-tenant Vault with the New Namespaces Feature

Namespaces allow you to create distinct "mini-Vaults" with their own separate policies, mounts, tokens, and identity entries. Learn how to use this new feature.


  • Jake Lundberg
    Jake LundbergField CTO, HashiCorp

Namespaces introduces a new model for easier delegation within Vault.

Namespaces allows users to manage ACL policy creation and editing for paths for self-management and secure multi-tenancy. This webinar, featuring Jake Lundberg from HashiCorp, will talk about everything that is new with Namespaces and dive into how to set up multi-tenancy with Namespaces in Vault.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What Vault Namespaces are
  • How Namespaces work with Sentinel
  • How to get up and running with Vault Namespaces

Questions asked during this webinar

  • When will be Namespaces be released?
  • Are these namespaced ACLs going to be an Enterprise-only feature?
  • Is there a secrets migration plan to adapt namespaces from existing non-namespaces? (without impact to consuming apps)
  • Do you have any examples of an API read or write using namespaces?
  • Are the namespace policies (ACL) unique per namespace? Can we re-use the ACL name in different namespaces?
  • Is there a limit in the number of namespaces that can be created?
  • We are currently using a version older than 8.x. Will there be any issues in upgrading to the latest version?
  • Are all the Auth Methods namespace aware? (LDAP, AppRole..etc)
  • What are the best practices for creating policies? Can you create policies locally, for example, then export out to dev/build cluster?
  • Namespaces are hierarchical but do policies have inheritance? Redundancy?
  • What are value additions of using namespaces in terms of maintenance/security/administration/portability/etc?


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