Open Source Security Best Practices for Developers, Contributors, and Maintainers

Feb 15, 2019

Learn why Vault is a strong security product because of, not in spite of, being open source.


  • Armon Dadgar

    Armon Dadgar

    Founder & Co-CTO, HashiCorp

Armon Dadgar, HashiCorp CTO and co-founder, and Aaron Schlesinger talk about how the ideas of open source and security tooling can sometimes clash. Learn how being open source is actually a strength for Vault and how it helps teams avoid secret sprawl and protect their data.

» What you'll learn

  • 01:43 — What is secret sprawl and how do we avoid it?
  • 03:17 — What is the 1,000 eyes principal?
  • 06:35 — The tripod approach
  • 08:47 — Additional resources

» Additional resources

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