Recorded Webinar

Orchestrating Resource Provisioning with HashiCorp Terraform and Puppet Bolt

Learn how to move and configure web servers from one AWS region to another using a HashiCorp Terraform and Puppet Bolt workflow.

In this webinar, Puppet software engineer Cas Donoghue introduces HashiCorp Terraform and Puppet Bolt—an agentless, masterless remote task runner for orchestrating, configuring, and removing resources. Bolt can be used with existing PowerShell, Python, and Bash scripts.

With a Terraform provider, Bolt and Terraform can be used in the same infrastructure management workflow, which Donoghue demos in this video. In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to connect to existing EC2 servers managed with Terraform resources to Bolt Inventory using the Terraform Bolt Provider
  • How to provision and destroy resources with a Terraform module in a Bolt Plan
  • How to dynamically create new Targets to Bolt Inventory in a Bolt Plan based on resources discovered with a Terraform module

In this scenario:

  • Web servers are running on servers provisioned with Terraform in front of a load balancer in us-west-2 datacenter
  • We want to move those to the us-east-2 datacenter
  • The goal is to provision new web servers with Terraform, configure them with Bolt, add them to a load balancer, and remove the old servers from us-west-2.

Demo starts at 6:36.

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