Preview of Nomad 0.11: Autoscaling

See a demo of the upcoming Autoscaling feature in Nomad 0.11.


  • Erik Veld
    Erik VeldDeveloper Advocate, HashiCorp

To watch demos of *all** the major Nomad 0.11 new features, check out this demo session: Nomad Technical Demo: Autoscaling, CSI Plugins and More*

On March 11, 2020, HashiCorp held it's first ever HashiCorp Nomad Virtual Day livestream. The 2+ hour stream included a case study from a Technical Director at Roblox as well as demos from the Nomad engineers at HashiCorp, concluding with an all-speaker panel at the end of the stream. Attendees got to see live demos of two new features coming in Nomad 0.11. They also had a chance to ask questions to the HashiCorp Nomad team directly and get questions answered on functionality, use cases, and roadmap.

This recording segment dives into Autoscaling, a new Nomad 0.11 feature enables users to dynamically scale up or scale down their infrastructure based on the true load of their applications. It has gradually become a critical capability for any workload orchestrator. In this talk, you'll see a demo of the the upcoming Autoscaling feature in Nomad 0.11.

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