Preview of Nomad 0.11: Task Dependencies

See a demo of Nomad 0.11's new task dependencies feature


  • Jasmine Dahilig
    Jasmine DahiligNomad Engineer, HashiCorp

To watch demos of *all** the major Nomad 0.11 new features, check out this demo session: Nomad Technical Demo: Autoscaling, CSI Plugins and More*

On March 11, 2020, HashiCorp held it's first ever HashiCorp Nomad Virtual Day livestream. The 2+ hour stream included a case study from a Technical Director at Roblox as well as demos from the Nomad engineers at HashiCorp, concluding with an all-speaker panel at the end of the stream. Attendees got to see live demos of two new features coming in Nomad 0.11. They also had a chance to ask questions to the HashiCorp Nomad team directly and get questions answered on functionality, use cases, and roadmap.

This recording segment dives into the new task dependencies feature of Nomad 0.11. Have you been writing wrapper scripts to orchestrate the ordering of your tasks? Do you have long-running containers sitting idle, taking up resources while waiting for other jobs? The upcoming Nomad 0.11 release supports task dependencies through first class features and ecosystem integrations. Through demos, we will show you how the Nomad scheduler can simplify these operations.

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