Secrets in the Cloud with Vault (and Vault 0.10!)

Apr 11, 2018

Mitchell Hashimoto presented at the Paris HashiCorp User Group.


  • Mitchell Hashimoto

    Mitchell Hashimoto

    Founder & Co-CTO, HashiCorp

Vault is an open source solution for identity and secrets management. Vault is well suited for both public cloud and private datacenter usage, but a common challenge is securely running Vault and accessing secrets in public cloud. This talk shows how to securely run Vault in the cloud and be able to access those secrets securely from multiple differing cloud platforms.

Additionally, the Vault 0.10 includes some major changes to improve the lives of both beginners and advanced users of Vault. Mitchell spends some time looking at the latest features in Vault and uses these throughout the talk.

About Mitchell:
Mitchell Hashimoto, Co-Founder of HashiCorp
Automation Obsessed, Vagrant Creator, Author, DevOps community figure, Engineer for 4 Years at CitrusByte, Operations for 2 years at Kiip, research at University of Washington.

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