Recorded Webinar

Secure your Cloud with Terraform Foundational Policy Library

Get a demo of the new Terraform Foundational Policies Library, which includes premade, best-practice templates for policy as code.


  • Glenn Gillen
    Glenn GillenProduct Manager, HashiCorp

HashiCorp Terraform provides cloud infrastructure automation with infrastructure and policy as code in its Enterprise version and its Teams & Governance tier for Terraform Cloud. Policy as code is becoming the popular approach to embedding guardrails into the provisioning workflow while not slowing down end-users who are provisioning infrastructure. Terraform uses the Sentinel policy as code framework to embed these policies.

In practice, this means Sentinel can help you implement rules for team management and resource usage or restriction, eliminating over-provisioning of resources and orphaned or underutilized infrastructure.

Terraform with Sentinel helps you control cloud costs and secure your cloud

The Terraform Foundational Policies Library

In recent months we have spoken to customers about their priorities when it comes to introducing Sentinel and policy as code within their companies. The common first starting point has been around improving the security of their workloads and ensuring consistent approaches are applied. Many of these standards are not just consistent across a company, they’re common across many of our customers, so we created a new feature, called the Terraform Foundational Policies Library to provide first-class policies out-of-the-box that implement controls for the most commonly adopted security standards such as those defined by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

What's Inside

For the first phase of this release, we have implemented 40+ controls that secure the most commonly used cloud services such as networking, databases, storage and, compute services. These controls align with the controls that have been defined in the CIS Benchmarks for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

What You'll Learn

In this webinar, HashiCorp product manager Glen Gillen will demo some of the workflows for deploying a VCS backed Sentinel policy set from the Foundational Library.


0:00 — Introduction to Terraform & Sentinel (multi-cloud policy & governance)

4:16 — Introduction to the Terraform Foundational Policies Library

6:14 — Demo: Using the Terraform Foundational Policies Library

18:03 — Q&A


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