Sentinel Policy as Code: Use Cases for Terraform, Vault, Nomad & Consul

Get an introduction to the benefits of policy as code and see how HashiCorp's Sentinel works to provide compliance in Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Nomad's Enterprise versions.


  • Chris Marchesi
    Chris MarchesiTerraform Enterprise & Sentinel Software Engineer, HashiCorp

Extending the ideas of infrastructure as code to compliance and security makes a lot of sense, says HashiCorp software engineer Chris Marchesi in his HashiConf 2019 talk titled: "Policy as Code: IT Governance With HashiCorp Sentinel."

This talk will introduce Sentinel, a policy as code frmework for HashiCorp Enterprise products, and walk through use cases in each of the 4 HashiCorp products.

Sentinel examples

You can find more examples in the Sentinel documentation:

And you can also check out several blogs and guides below for more usage examples: - Writing and Testing Sentinel Policies for Terraform - Sharing Sentinel Policies Across Terraform Cloud Organizations - Validating Vault Secrets with Sentinel - Supporting Multiple Teams on Nomad Clusters


You can find a transcript of the same talk Marchesi gave at HashiConf EU in July here: Policy as Code: IT Governance With HashiCorp Sentinel


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