Sentinel Policy as Code: Use Cases for Terraform, Vault, Nomad & Consul

Get an introduction to the benefits of policy as code and see how HashiCorp's Sentinel works to provide compliance in Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Nomad's Enterprise versions.


Extending the ideas of infrastructure as code to compliance and security makes a lot of sense, says HashiCorp software engineer Chris Marchesi in his HashiConf 2019 talk titled: "Policy as Code: IT Governance With HashiCorp Sentinel."

This talk will introduce Sentinel, a policy as code frmework for HashiCorp Enterprise products, and walk through use cases in each of the 4 HashiCorp products.

Sentinel examples

You can find more examples in the Sentinel documentation:

And you can also check out several blogs and guides below for more usage examples: - Writing and Testing Sentinel Policies for Terraform - Sharing Sentinel Policies Across Terraform Cloud Organizations - Validating Vault Secrets with Sentinel - Supporting Multiple Teams on Nomad Clusters


You can find a transcript of the same talk Marchesi gave at HashiConf EU in July here: Policy as Code: IT Governance With HashiCorp Sentinel


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