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Terraform Enterprise & Friends: Using Notifications and API Calls to Integrate with External Tools

Apr 18, 2019

Watch this live demo integrating Terraform automated provisioning workflows into a ServiceNow approval workflow.


  •  Stenio Ferreira

    Stenio Ferreira

    Sr. Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp

One of the main reasons for Terraform's widespread popularity is its broad range of integrations. Not only does Terraform support granular provisioning options for AWS, Azure, GCP, and many other cloud vendors, it also integrates with hundreds of common tools used in various software delivery workflows.

Two of the methods for integration include:

In this video, HashiCorp solutions engineer Stenio Ferreira will demonstrate how these two particular features can automatically push triggers from Terraform to other operations or development tools, and vice versa. In this case, the tool is ServiceNow, an enterprise ticket workflow solution.

In the demo, Terraform will integrate with ServiceNow so that when a developer plans to provision resources to a production environment in Terraform, Terraform will automatically connect to ServiceNow, where a ticket will be created. After a manual approval from an administrator in ServiceNow, the ServiceNow software will automatcially send an API call back to Terraform and Terraform will automatically provision the resources.

» Outline

0:00 — Introduction: Phases of Terraform adoption

6:14 — Intro to Terraform Enterprise

10:56 — Intro to ServiceNow: Enterprise ticket workflow software

12:26 — Demo: Integrating Terraform status updates and control into ServiceNow

21:52 — Q&A

» Q&A

  • Are the tokens created/managed by Vault?
  • Is there a limit to the amount of APIs you can integrate or requests made to a single Terraform Enterprise account?
  • Does Terraform Enterprise have SSO integrations?

» Additional Resource

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