The Terraform Roadmap — HashiConf Global 2021

Learn about the latest news in the Terraform space, from the CDK for Terraform, the workspace dashboard, structured run outputs, workspace tags, and Terraform Cloud Agents.

In this 'State of Terraform' session, VP of Engineering Paul Hinze shares the latest updates to Terraform open source, Terraform Cloud, and Terraform Enterprise.

»What's New?

The latest features in Terraform open source and the commercial versions include:

»HCL and CDK for Terraform

Hinze also took a deep dive into why Terraform developers made the choices they did when building the expressions for the HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL), which manages Terraform infrastructure code. The most crucial decisions when HCL was built, were not the capabilities added, but the ones that were strategically omitted. Hinze knew that those limits have a purpose: To make sure users don't get in trouble creating overly complex Terraform configurations — and if you truly did need to do something more complicated, the JSON compatibility layer allows that near-infinite freedom if required.

That compatibility layer is what the CDK for Terraform harnesses now. CDKTF allows Terraform users to write configuration in common programming languages such as TypeScript, Python, Java, C#, and soon, Go. Amazon and HashiCorp developers have both been working together on this and already there are production use cases at companies including Mozilla.

Check out some of the other sessions at HashiConf Global 2021 on the Resource Library for more Terraform and CDK for Terraform use cases.

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