Vagrant Plugins in a Go World: Building Vagrant 3.0

This year, we announced that HashiCorp Vagrant is being ported to Go language and away from Ruby. See how we're doing it while still maintaining Ruby-based features.

Over the next year, HashiCorp Vagrant will move from a Ruby codebase to a Golang one, with versions 2.3 and 2.4 not breaking the compatibility promises made by Vagrantfiles or plugin interfaces. When we finally arrive at Vagrant 3.0, new methods for configuration will be available but it will still be able to detect Ruby Vagrantfiles with the installation of compatibility helpers. While we don't yet have specific timeframes, we will announce our plans for these new versions of

What You'll Learn

In this HashiTalks: Build session, you'll hear from the Vagrant engineering team for the first time since the Vagrant transition announcement. We will discuss the specific challenges of porting Vagrant to Go, including changes in architecture, compatibility, and plugin design.

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