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Solutions Engineering Hangout: Vault High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Sep 13, 2018

Vault secures your distributed systems without becoming a single point of failure. Learn how you can use Vault's HA and DR features.


  • Vinnie Ramirez

    Vinnie Ramirez

    Solutions Architect, HashiCorp

Reliability engineering includes security infrastructure as well as the servers keeping your applications live. Vault secrets management services are a critical piece for securing many business' service-oriented architectures and automated data centers. Ensuring Vault services are highly available and never go down is a key architectural consideration for production workloads.

In this video, HashiCorp solutions engineer Vinnie Ramirez demonstrates a few scenarios that showcase the high availability (HA) mode within a Vault cluster and disaster recovery (DR) replication (a Vault Enterprise feature).

  • HA mode protects against outages by running multiple Vault servers.
  • Replication, a Vault Enterprise feature, can be used to provide performance, scalability, and DR among private, geographically distributed data centers.

» What you'll learn

  • How to use Vault and Consul interfaces for high availability
  • How to use Vault Enterprise's DR replication features

» Outline

00:00 — Introduction

03:19 — Demo: High availability & DR replication

27:30 — Q&A

» Questions answered in this hangout

  • Is High Availability (HA) an enterprise-only feature?
  • Between primary Vault and performance clusters, can we write secrets to both clusters and replication happens both ways?
  • Can we replicate and force DR to our local instance on-prem or to our AWS instance?
  • Can you please share thoughts and concerns on running clusters of Vault and Consul on Kubernetes?
  • I'd like to understand examples of real production concerns with running in orchestrators.
  • Is there a reference architecture available for creating an enterprise cluster, including all the system requirements needed? I am looking at geo-replicated in Azure specifically.
  • What technology can you recommend for me to run HA Vault on-premise, without using cloud? For now I’m trying to do so via multiple containers with Kubernetes.
  • Is it possible to do HA without using Consul?

» Slides

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