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Video: 2024 State of Cloud Strategy Survey - Connecting cloud maturity to business success

The 4th annual HashiCorp State of Cloud Strategy report illustrates how important it is to reach cloud maturity.

Chris Van Wesep, VP of Worldwide Revenue Marketing at HashiCorp

Among the nearly 1,200 global respondents who took the 2024 State of Cloud Strategy Survey, only 8% were classified as highly mature. In this world divided into "haves" and "have-nots," a few pioneers are already reaping the benefits of cloud maturity, while many others continue to face challenges. Organizations with high cloud maturity are making larger and more frequent cloud investments, minimizing waste, achieving better returns, accelerating development, and enhancing security.

High maturity organizations handle common cloud challenges more effectively:

  • In response to the ongoing shortage of skilled technical staff, they scale platform teams and internal development platforms to maximize staff expertise.

  • While others grapple with cloud security, these organizations strengthen their security posture using cloud operating principles.

  • They are at the forefront of experimenting with generative AI to automate cloud infrastructure and security.

Our previous State of Cloud Strategy surveys outline trends for organizations entering the multi-cloud era (2021) and the resulting business value (2022). Last year's survey introduced the concept of operational cloud maturity, which is defined not by the amount of cloud usage or the number of clouds used but by how organizations adopt, standardize, and scale best practices.

For 2024, we commissioned Forrester Consulting once again to conduct the survey and work with us to refine our cloud maturity model, focusing on the impact of scaling key practices across the entire organization. The findings show that achieving true cloud maturity is challenging but highly rewarding.

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