WebAssembly and HashiCorp Nomad for Next Wave Microservices

Learn about WebAssembly and Fermyon's tools for building wasm apps. Fermyon's newly introduced platform runs on Nomad, Consul, and Vault.

Matt Butcher, creator of Helm and the Illustrated Children's Guide to Kubernetes, is the founder of Fermyon, a company founded on the idea that WebAssembly (wasm) fills several gaps that VMs and containers have failed to fill in the cloud computing revolution.

»What You'll Learn

This talk will give an introduction to WebAssembly, why Matt thinks it's the right technology for the next generation of cloud microservices, solving problems like over-consumption. He'll also introduce his company's framework for building microservices and web apps in wasm.

Halfway through the talk, he'll break down the architecture of a wasm-based game run using HashiCorp Nomad. He also introduces his company's new product, Fermyon Platform One, which runs on Nomad, Consul, and Vault.

»More on WebAssembly for Nomad vs. Kubernetes

Matt shares more background and use case information in his recent interview with The New Stack. And another WebAssembly PaaS company, Cosmonic, recently shared their experiences with Nomad and WebAssembly (as well as their challenges with Kubernetes in this context) in the HashiConf session: Nomad and Vault in a Post-Kubernetes World.

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