Recorded Webinar

Zero-Touch Application Release with Terraform and Consul in an F5 Tooling Workflow

F5 works with HashiCorp to provide a complete solution with an automated approach.


  • Eric Chen
    Eric ChenSr. Solutions Architect - Cloud/DevOps, F5
  • Tristan Stoker
    Tristan StokerSr. Solutions Engineer

In today’s digital world, organizations compete on speed-to-market. As application development teams strive to roll out new services to customers faster, the networking team is pressured on keeping the pace with provisioning and configuration during the application delivery process. The traditional manual, and often “ticket based” approach struggles to handle the increasing demands and scale bottlenecking the modern application delivery lifecycle.

To accelerate this “last mile” process, F5 works with HashiCorp to provide a complete solution with an automated approach. With Terraform, the F5 platform can be treated “as code” and can be provisioned automatically along with the new service getting deployed. With Consul, any further changes to the back-end pool of F5 will get updated dynamically. As services scale up, down, or fail, the F5 will automatically reload the configuration and route traffic to available and healthy servers with zero downtime.

What You'll Learn

In this webinar, we will cover: - Using the F5 provider with Terraform to provision new service resources - Using F5 with Consul service discovery integration to dynamically reconfigure a back-end pool


  • What is a good pattern for deploying multiple iApps or AS3 configuration? We have about 1000. We are considering just using one Terraform workspace. Is that feasible?
  • Is it possible to practice BIG-IP with Terafrorm as a lab practice?
  • Can Consul also add custom send and recieve strings automatically to the HTTP monitor to make the health check more efficient?
  • In environments leveraging BIG-IQ, are there any Terraform hooks there?

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