The HashiCorp Origin Story

Mitchell Hashimoto and Armon Dadgar, HashiCorp’s co-founders, met at the University of Washington in 2008, where they worked on a research project together — an effort to make the groundbreaking public cloud technologies then being developed by Amazon and Microsoft available to scientists.

After graduating, they both moved to San Francisco. There — recognizing early on the impact this technology was poised to have on the world — Mitchell founded HashiCorp, with Armon joining him as a co-founder the next year.

As cloud adoption expanded, they recognized that organizations would eventually need to adopt multiple clouds, and would consequently require a consistent and reliable set of automation tools to seamlessly deploy and connect their applications to any combination of multiple cloud and on-premises environments.

  1. Mitchell and Armon meet at UW

  2. Mitchell starts HashiCorp

  3. Armon joins HashiCorp as Co-founder

  4. First employee joins the company

  5. $10.2 million Series A funding

  6. The Tao of HashiCorp is published

  7. First HashiConf held in Portland, OR

  8. 50 employees

  9. HashiCorp Principles are published

  10. Dave McJannet joins as CEO

  11. $24 million Series B funding

  12. 100 employees

  13. HashiCorp expands to Europe

  14. $40 million Series C funding

  15. Social Impact Fund initiated

  16. HashiCorp expands in Asia with KK subsidiary in Japan

  17. 250 employees

  18. $100 million Series D funding

  19. 500 employees

  20. $175 million Series E funding

  21. 1,000 employees

  22. 1,000 Customers

  23. How HashiCorp Works published

  24. 1,500 Employees

  25. HashiCorp IPO

  26. 3,000+ Customers

  27. 4,000+ Customers

  28. HashiCorp Acquires BluBracket

  29. HashiCorp joins Russell 3000® Index

  30. HashiCorp adopts Business Source License