Announcing HashiCorp Nomad 0.12 Beta

We are pleased to announce the public beta of HashiCorp Nomad 0.12. Nomad is a simple and flexible orchestrator to deploy and manage containers and non-containerized applications across on-premises and cloud environments at scale. Nomad is widely adopted and used in production by organizations like Cloudflare, Roblox, Pandora, PagerDuty, and more.

Nomad 0.12 introduces our breakthrough Multi-Cluster Deployment feature, which makes Nomad the first and only orchestrator on the market with complete and fully-supported federation capabilities for production.

This release also delivers 15+ new and powerful features with thematic emphasis on application deployment flexibility and operator maintainability at scale.

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This beta includes the following features:

  • Multi-Cluster Deployment (Nomad Enterprise): Deploy applications seamlessly to federated Nomad clusters with configurable rollout and rollback strategies. Achieve simple and elegant federated deployments without the architectural complexity and overhead of running clusters on clusters.

  • Spread Scheduling: Deploy applications across a cluster evenly for greater load distribution with the new spread scheduling feature. Use this as an alternative to bin packing.

  • Container Network Interface (CNI): Deploy containerized applications on Nomad with their desired network configurations from any third-party vendors you choose via the CNI plugin system.

  • Multi-Interface Networking: Bind applications to their desired network interface. Nomad now automatically fingerprints all interfaces and IP addresses on a Nomad client to support modern networking patterns.

  • Soft Memory Limits: Enable memory oversubscription for applications deployed with the Docker task driver for memory consumption flexibility.

  • Podman Task Driver: Deploy and manage first-class OCI containers as an alternative to Docker with the Podman task driver — most applicable for RHEL and CentOS environments.

  • Nomad Snapshot: Capture and save point-in-time snapshots of Nomad cluster state with a single command for easy disaster recovery and backup.

  • Nomad Debug: Generate a diagnostic bundle of logs across the entire Nomad cluster with a single command for easier ticket creation and faster support from HashiCorp.

  • Global Search (UI): Jump to desired jobs and client pages from anywhere in the UI with a new search box that populates with real-time suggestions across the cluster.

  • Nomad Monitor (UI): Stream node and server logs remotely through the UI.

  • Job Scaling (UI): Scale up or down application deployments through the UI with a click of a button.

  • Preemption (OSS): Automatically evict lower priority application deployments in favor of higher priority applications when the targeted nodes are at capacity. This Enterprise feature is now available in open source for service, batch, and system jobs.

  • Cross-Namespace Queries (Nomad Enterprise): Query jobs and allocations across all namespaces for faster operator debugging and visibility in multi-tenant clusters.

  • Automated Backups (Nomad Enterprise): Enables automatic snapshotting and storing of Nomad cluster state locally or to a cloud storage service of choice.

  • PostStop Hook: Run shutdown scripts (for example, flushing logs) easily on intra-application deployments with the newest addition to Nomad’s lifecycle hooks. Coming soon.

  • Cluster Autoscaling: Autoscale Nomad nodes in a cluster based on real-time load using a first-class integration with AWS Auto Scaling Groups (ASG). Coming soon.

As we progress to general availability in the coming weeks, we’ll publish a series of blogs from Nomad Engineering with technical deep dives for select features.

To watch the new capabilities in action, please register for our upcoming live demo session at HashiConf Digital:

We encourage you to experiment with these new features but recommend against using this beta build in a production environment.

We're excited about this release and eager to see how these new features enhance your core Nomad experience. If you encounter an issue, file a new bug report in GitHub and we'll take a look.

On behalf of the Nomad team, thank you to our community! Your dedication and bug reports help us make Nomad better. We are grateful for your time, passion, and support.

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