Announcing the HashiCorp Training Partner Program

HashiCorp tools continue to surge in adoption with more than a million downloads in the past year. The tools provide enterprise customers with common workflows through which they can develop, deploy, and schedule their infrastructure in a collaborative, scalable, and secure way. While well documented and easy to adopt, many organizers prefer an on-site instructor to discuss the features and best practices for using the tools. To codify these best practices and ensure that the tools are used properly and safely HashiCorp engineers have developed an official training curriculum.  These trainings have been delivered by HashiCorp and have helped grow the community of expert-users, folks who truly know the inner workings of the HashiCorp tools.

So far this year, over 500 individuals have completed HashiCorp trainings, many of which received certifications on one or more HashiCorp products (Vault, Terraform, Consul). As the adoption of HashiCorp continues to grow, so does the demand for training. In order to scale to meet the demand for training, HashiCorp is announcing our inaugural Training Partner Program. The Training Partner Program includes only a couple partners - who demonstrate expertise in HashiCorp products and technical training programs – allowing the program to be piloted and fine-tuned before being scaled out. We would like to offer a warm welcome to our inaugural Training Partners: Amazic and ECS Digital!

Amazic was founded in 2009 with a focus on maximizing the impact of innovative software through the developed competency of certified users. Amazic believes training is critical for the successful launch of new technologies or products. Amazic's senior trainers combine theory with their real-world experience to help train some of the world's biggest brands to deliver better software and innovate at scale with Enterprise DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Amazic offers training in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

ECS Digital is a leading DevOps consultancy with 12 years of experience delivering class-based and online training. ECS Digital offers a comprehensive range of DevOps and training courses that cover everything from the fundamentals of DevOps to advanced Continuous Delivery workflows. ECS Digital is based in London and provides training courses for the UK.

We look forward to working with both Amazic and ECS Digital. For more information on the HashiCorp Training Partner Program refer here.

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