HashiCorp Consul 0.9

Today we are releasing Consul 0.9 which includes a number of improvements, bug fixes, and features. There are some important backward incompatibilities in this release that are easy to adjust for as you deploy, so please be sure to read the 0.9 upgrade guide for details before you upgrade.

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Consul 0.9.0 highlights include:

  • ACL usage improvements - ACL usage has been simplified and there is a new guide for bootstrapping ACLs.
  • Gossip tuning - Updated memberlist to get latest LAN gossip tuning based on the Lifeguard paper published by HashiCorp Research.
  • Catalog command - A new consul catalog command for reading datacenters, nodes, and services from the catalog.
  • Script-based health checks are now opt-in - A new enable_script_checks configuration option was added and defaults to false, which means that operators must now opt-in in order to allow Consul agents to execute scripts. This provides a more secure configuration for Consul, and encourages enabling ACLs at the same time as script checks.
  • Disable API endpoints - There is a new block_endpoints configuration option that allows blocking HTTP endpoints by prefix. This allows operators to completely disallow access to specific endpoints on a given agent.
  • Autopilot upgrade enhancements (Enterprise) - Autopilot was initially released with the ability to automatically upgrade Consul server versions. Autopilot now has the ability to update Consul servers for any kind of migration such as a machine resizing or other Consul configuration changes.

There are lots of additional improvements in the 0.9 release — please review the v0.9.0 changelog for a detailed list of changes. Be sure to read the 0.9 upgrade guide as well. Consul 0.9.0 is also available in Consul Enterprise Pro and Consul Enterprise Premium.

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