F5, New Relic, and Sophos Highlight New Consul Integrations

The HashiCorp Consul ecosystem continues its growth with the addition of 15 new self-managed, enterprise, and HCP Consul integrations.

Ten new HCP Consul verified integrations, two new HashiCorp Consul Enterprise integrations, and three new open source Consul integrations have been completed this past quarter. The number of new Consul integrations nearly doubled from the previous quarter as partners continue to lean-in on network infrastructure automation and observability integrations.

The 15 new integrations are highlighted in this post. The HCP Consul Verified badge next to a logo indicates a product has been verified to work with HCP Consul.

Q3 Consul Integrations

»HCP Consul Verified Integrations

HCP Consul is a fully managed platform operated by HashiCorp that allows organizations to get Consul up and running quickly without the hassle of managing Consul servers themselves. We are pleased to announce the following existing integrations have now been verified to work with HCP Consul as well as Consul Enterprise and open source:


The HCP Consul and CloudFabrix integration incorporates observability pipelines using no code/low code bots to improve operational efficiency.


Leveraging HCP Consul's managed environment, this integration automates provisioning and deprovisioning of critical public-facing DNS records through DNSimple servers.


F5 has completed two new HCP Consul integrations. The first new HCP Consul and F5 AWAF integration automates AWAF configurations by automatically updating application firewall policies whenever any new applications or workloads are deployed. It can also deploy new virtual server and pool configuration on the BIG-IP with AWAF policy configuration on the VIP.

The second integration leverages HCP Consul's managed environment to dynamically update F5 BIG-IP node pools with CTS (Consul-Terraform-Sync).


The ServiceNow Lightstep OpenTelemetry Collector provides an integration with HCP Consul to ingest metrics and provide deep insight into cloud-managed Consul environments.


Gain deep insight into HCP Consul environments to minimize downtime and optimize troubleshooting with using this new integration that also leverages OpenTelemetry.

»New Relic

Utilizing New Relic’s brand-new Instant Observability platform, obtain deep observability into HCP Consul environments with this new integration, which provides interactive visualizations that let you easily explore data, understand context, and resolve problems faster.


SnappyFlow supports monitoring of HCP Consul and Envoy metrics through a StatsD plugin. The StatsD plugin aggregates all the metrics exposed by HCP Consul and pushes them to SnappyFlow for data visualization and alerting.


Automate HCP Consul deployments with Sophos Factory pipelines. The Sophos integration stands up a full deployment of an HCP Consul cluster connected to an AWS EKS cluster.


The template to monitor HCP Consul by Zabbix works without any external scripts. Most of the metrics are collected in one go, thanks to Zabbix’s bulk data collection.

»HashiCorp Consul Enterprise Integrations

Two new Consul Enterprise integrations were completed recently. This means the integrations have been validated to work with Consul namespaces in addition to working with Consul open source features.


This new integration with F5’s AWAF automates the AWAF configuration by automatically updating the pool members, protecting new applications and workloads.


The Zabbix Enterprise integration with Consul incorporates a template to monitor Consul and works without any external scripts. Leverage Zabbix’s platform and collect metrics in one sweep with their bulk data collection.

»Consul Open Source Integrations

Three new verified partner integrations with Consul open source have been completed in recent months.


The ServiceNow Lightstep OpenTelemetry Collector, when configured with a Prometheus receiver, provides an integration with HashiCorp Consul to ingest metrics.


SnappyFlow’s new self-managed integration also supports monitoring of Consul and Envoy metrics through its StatsD plugin. Get a holistic view of Consul service mesh deployments to minimize downtime and ease troubleshooting in network blindspots.


This new integration automates Consul deployments with Sophos Factory pipelines, allowing the creation of all of the AWS and HCP resources necessary for connecting a HCP Consul cluster to a Consul client on EC2.

»HashiCorp Consul Integration Program

The HashiCorp Consul Integration Program allows our partners to integrate their products to work with Consul open source, Enterprise, or HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) Consul. Learn more at our Consul Integration Program page.

As a fully managed service, HCP Consul is the easiest way to deploy managed Consul in Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. For more information about HCP Consul and pricing, please visit the HCP product page or sign up through the HCP portal.

More Information on Earlier Consul Integrations:

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