Get Hands-on Experience with HashiCorp Products in Your Browser

HashiCorp Learn now features embedded interactive experiences powered by Katacoda. These in-page tutorials allow readers to have an immediate hands-on experience with HashiCorp products without leaving the Learn site.

HashiCorp started developing Katacoda scenarios even before the debut of HashiCorp Learn, but those two experiences were not integrated. Now, each Katacoda scenario is embedded into its corresponding guide to make the learning experience even more engaging.

The video below shows a demo of this new feature.

Using these scenarios, you can explore product features without any local installation or setup.

In the last 30 days, users have engaged with over 5,000 HashiCorp Katacoda sessions. Visit one of the guides listed below to experience it for yourself!

»Guides with interactive tutorials

Currently, the following guides have an embedded Katacoda scenario:

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