HashiCorp Packer 1.1.0

We are proud to announce the release of HashiCorp Packer 1.1.0. This release includes several new features, improvements, bug fixes, and backwards incompatibilities.

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Here are some highlights from Packer 1.1.0:

  • New Oracle Cloud Infrastructure builder for creating custom images.
  • New LXC builder for creating lxc containers.
  • New LXD builder for creating lxd containers.
  • Windows Improvements - Fixed several issues with provisioning after restarting.
  • Windows Support for Puppet - The Puppet provisioner now has a guest_os_type to configure it to run on Windows.
  • Amazon tags applied at launch - Updates to the aws sdk let us create tags as resources are created to eliminate poling.
  • Shell scripts now error if disconnected - The new default behavior of the shell provisioner is to error if the connection is dropped. This might cause your builds to fail if you reset your connection, for example with a restart command. Please change the expect_disconnect flag to true if this is the case.

There are many other changes and improvements in this release. Please review the v1.1.0 changelog for a detailed list of changes.

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