HashiCorp Store Expansion

Have you visited the HashiCorp Store lately? Have you been waiting patiently for new merch to arrive, or for shipping options to include your home country? We’ve heard the call, and are pleased to announce expanded shipping locations and three new items for sale!

In addition to the hoodie, t-shirt, and mug we are now offering a backpack, travel mug and unisex socks.

The black Timbuk2 pack includes a tone-on-tone HashiCorp logo, is water-resistant, and can carry a laptop or tablet up to 15”. The 18oz Yeti Rambler is insulated to maintain the temperature of your favorite hot or cold drink, so you can enjoy it while at home and on the road. Lastly, our new one-size fits most blue, off-white, and black cotton knitted socks are both business and casual attire-approved!

Perhaps just as exciting as the new merch, we have expanded our shipping capabilities to service 35 new countries / territories. Please see our Shipping Locations page to check out the list! If you don’t see your home country / territory, we apologize for the inconvenience; we will continue to add more locations as we are able.

Please visit the HashiCorp Store today and share your new merch with us using #HashiCorpStore and tagging @HashiCorpUsers on Twitter!

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