Introducing HashiCast: Navigating the Cloud for C-Suites

Welcome to our new HashiCast podcast series: Navigating the Cloud for C-Suites. The premiere episode addresses why leaders should care about cloud adoption.

Whether you're at the helm of a multinational corporation or leading a dynamic startup, the cloud is no longer optional — it's essential. For C-suite executives who bear the responsibility of steering their organizations towards a cloud-first future, this brings a set of challenges.

Our newest HashiCast podcast series, Navigating the Cloud for C-Suites, tackles the cloud complexities that leaders face from taking the first steps towards adoption to maintaining compliance. The series is hosted by three HashiCorp cloud experts:

  • Adeel Ahmad, Strategic Advisor: Adeel is an award-winning cloud architect with more than a decade of experience supporting full stack implementations across finance, telecommunications, and enterprises.
  • Sarah Polan, Field CTO: With a background in financial services, Sarah wants to elevate the conversation about strategic cloud adoption and improve the balance between technical enablement, velocity, and security.
  • Christian Reilly, Field CTO: With a background on both the enterprise and vendor sides, Christian is passionate about cloud adoption and collaborates with organizations to understand market needs while reinforcing innovation and product strategy.
Speakers for Navigating Cloud Adoption for C-Suites

Each month, Navigating the Cloud for C-Suites focuses on a pressing cloud transformation challenge, with insights from expert guests on cloud strategy, innovation, and staying ahead of the curve. You can look forward to the series tackling important cloud issues in the months to come:

  • October 2023 — Committing to the cloud: Available now, this episode focuses on why cloud adoption is essential and provides actionable takeaways for leaders.
  • November 2023 — People: Overcoming the skills gap: Christian, Sarah, and HashiCorp’s Head of Talent in EMEA, James Footman, shine a spotlight on the skills gap that often plagues organizations embracing cloud technology.
  • December 2023 — Managing risk in cloud adoption: Christian, Sarah, and guest Gayatri Prakash, Vice President of Compliance at CloudBees, explore the art of managing risk in cloud adoption.
  • January 2024 — Cost optimization: Maximizing cloud value: Dive into the financial aspect of cloud adoption. Cost optimization isn't just a matter for the finance department — it's a strategic imperative for the C-suite.
  • February 2024 — Security in the cloud: Adeel, Sarah, and guest Irfaan Santoe, Chief Information Security Officer at Aegon, discuss the layers of protection your organization needs to implement a robust security posture.
  • March 2024 — Compliance and the cloud: Adeel, Sarah, and guest Peter Lefkowitz, Vice President of Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cloud Software Group, explore the intricate intersection of compliance and cloud technology.

»Episode 1: Committing to the cloud

In the series’ debut episode, Committing to the cloud, we get to the question at the heart of the series: Why should C-suite leaders care about cloud adoption? You can listen to the episode now on your favorite podcast platform, and we’ve included links to key parts of the show below.

Successful cloud adoption goes far beyond moving data and applications to dynamic environments; it's about transforming the way we do business. It's not just about technology; it's about strategy, innovation, and staying ahead of the curve.

In this episode, Adeel, Sarah, and Christian Break down why embracing the cloud is essential and provide digestible takeaways for leaders to act on. They start by introducing the cloud operating model and explaining why it’s so important to cloud success (01:09), finding out where you are and how can you get to where you want to be on your cloud journey (08:22), offer tips on how to find the best cloud talent (14:33), discuss what it means to achieve maturity in the cloud (20:18), talk about digital transformation and the role of the platform team (26:07), and conclude by sharing three steps to getting started with your journey to adopting a cloud operating model (33:34).

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