New HashiCorp Developer Site is Now in Public Beta

Our new documentation platform makes it easy to learn from dozens of interactive lab environments, hundreds of tutorials, and thousands of reference docs.

Today we are excited to announce a new documentation platform that represents the next evolution in the developer experience for users of HashiCorp products. This new HashiCorp Developer site is designed to make it easy to learn from dozens of interactive lab environments, hundreds of tutorials, and thousands of reference docs.

From talking to developers and reflecting on our own experiences, we've seen that you often need to view both tutorials and reference documentation to plan a systems migration or complete daily infrastructure operations tasks. Until now, these resources for HashiCorp products were spread across and our other product websites, like This made it challenging to navigate all the information you need to use one of our products or to research multiple products at once.

As part of our investment in the entire developer experience across all HashiCorp products, we've been focusing on documentation as well. This focus led to the creation of a new site that combines documentation as well as all these important resources into a single platform at

This HashiCorp Developer site is a new unified web experience that incorporates documentation, tutorials, sample code, explainer videos, and hands-on lab environments for all HashiCorp products. We're launching a public beta of this HashiCorp Developer site today with a mirror of all our existing content for HashiCorp Vault and HashiCorp Waypoint.

»Introducing the New HashiCorp Developer Site

HashiCorp Developer homepage

Let’s say you start out on the HashiCorp Developer site by navigating into the Database Secrets Engine tutorial to configure a database for dynamic credentials. From there, you can navigate to the Secrets Engine API documentation to automate further configuration. Previously, you could find the Database Secrets Engine tutorial only in HashiCorp Learn and the Secrets Engine API docs on Now they are both discoverable on a single website.

Vault page on HashiCorp Developer site

Another example learning sequence on the HashiCorp Developer site might start with our tutorial on deploying a Waypoint application to Amazon ECS and then continue on to learn about required and optional parameters for the Waypoint ECS plugin. Again, with the HashiCorp Developer site, your research would no longer be fragmented among multiple sites in this example.

We've also centralized a lot of our multimedia assets, including short demonstration videos and free lab workstations running on real compute instances (no authentication required). These labs let you try Waypoint in less than five minutes without installing any software, or store your first Vault secret right in the browser.

Interactive workstation

»Try Our New Developer Experience

The new HashiCorp Developer site is available now as a public beta with sections for Vault and Waypoint. Sections for all of our other products will be added to the platform as we work toward the GA release later this year.

Try out the new platform today and use the feedback form on any page to tell us how we can make it more useful for you.

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