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New Learn Tutorials: Migrating to Microservices with Consul on Kubernetes

This new tutorial collection uses a case study about a fictional company to illustrate a monolith to microservices migration with HashiCorp Consul and Kubernetes.

On HashiCorp Learn we’ve released a new collection of tutorials for Migrating to Microservices with Consul Service Mesh on Kubernetes.

This new series of tutorials uses an example application written by a fictional company to illustrate why and how organizations can migrate from a monolith to microservices using HashiCorp Consul service mesh on Kubernetes. The case study in this collection should provide information valuable for understanding how to develop services that leverage Consul during any stage of your journey. Topics covered in this collection include:

»Understanding the Value of Migrating to Microservices

Consul service mesh features enable organizations of any size to implement a controlled migration from a monolith to microservices without disrupting current workflows or system availability. This tutorial will provide an in-depth discussion of microservices and help you explain the value of the microservices architecture to stakeholders in your organization.

»Consul Service Mesh on Kubernetes Design Patterns

Consul service mesh implements several potentially familiar networking and cloud native design patterns. This tutorial will discuss how the Consul service mesh operates in a Kubernetes environment and maps Consul components back to the design pattern language.

»Modeling a Monolith as a Set of Microservices

This tutorial will use an example monolithic application developed by a fictional company to illustrate the process of modeling a monolith as a set of microservices and planning a successful microservice pilot project.

»Scoping a Microservice Extraction

This tutorial continues with the HashiCorp case study and illustrates to practitioners how they might go about the process of scoping a microservice extraction to maximize their chance of success.

»Extracting and Deploying a Microservice with Consul Service Mesh on Kubernetes

In the final tutorial of this collection, practitioners will dive into the code and Consul configuration changes required for extracting a microservice from a monolith.

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