Nomad Under the Hood

The Nomad team is always looking for new ways to engage our community, bring users closer to the code behind the product, and help more community members to contribute. We're pleased to announce a new live streaming series called Nomad Under the Hood.

»What is Nomad Under the Hood?

It is a live code deep dive with Nomad engineers. In each session, a Nomad engineer, paired with our Developer Advocate, will walkthrough how a particular feature or function gets developed, share the thinking behind the feature design, and provide insights on how to contribute.

This series is suitable for users that have basic knowledge of Nomad and are looking to more advanced topics.

»What’s coming up?

Our first livestream is scheduled on May 15, 2020 at 9:00 - 10:00 AM PDT.

In this session, Michael Schurter, the Nomad Engineer Lead at HashiCorp, and Erik Veld, Developer Advocate at HashiCorp, will walk through the scheduler logic.

Nomad scheduler is responsible for scheduling jobs on nodes. It was designed from the beginning for scalability, throughput, and correctness.

After a user submits a job, the scheduler will need to plan where to place this job. This process involves feasibility checking ("Can Job A run on Node X?") and ranking ("Which Node is the best fit for Job A?"). When the planning is complete, this plan will go into a queue which manages pending plans, provides priority ordering, and allows Nomad to handle concurrency races. Multiple schedulers are running in parallel without locking or reservations, making Nomad optimistically concurrent to deliver unmatched scheduling performance at scale.

Join the Live session on YouTube if you are interested in this topic!

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