Share Your Nomad Packs for a Pack Contest

Get a HashiCorp backpack! Contributors who share their open source templates in the Nomad Pack Registry can win a variety of Nomad-themed prizes.

HashiCorp swag, backpack and t-shirt

The HashiCorp Nomad team is proud to announce that a tech preview release of Nomad Pack is now available!

With today's release, we will also be starting the Nomad Pack for a Pack contest! Nomad users who write and share Packs with the Nomad community will be eligible to receive a HashiCorp backpack, or Nomad t-shirt. See below for details!

Download Nomad Pack

»Nomad Pack

Nomad Pack is a package manager and templating tool for Nomad. Nomad Pack makes it easy to define reusable application deployments called “Packs”.

This allows users to:

  • Easily deploy popular open source applications
  • Reuse deployment patterns across teams within their organization
  • Discover job specifications from the Nomad community

See more details in the Introduction to Nomad Pack Learn Guide, the Nomad 1.2 Announcement Blog, and the Nomad Pack Repository.

»Nomad Pack for a Pack Contest

The Nomad Pack for Pack Contest is a monthly competition starting this month (October 2021). Entering the contest is as simple as contributing a Pack to the Nomad Pack Community Registry. Each month, the Nomad team will review the Packs contributed and vote on the winners. The first place prize is a HashiCorp backpack and additional winners (up to 5) selected each month will receive a Nomad t-shirt!

The Nomad team will be picking winners based on a combination of the Pack’s production-readiness, how commonly used its applications are, how well it demonstrates Nomad features, and its general usefulness. In addition to the monthly winners, the first community-contributed pack accepted will get a backpack!

To get started writing packs, visit the Writing Custom Packs Learn Guide. Converting existing Nomad job specs or Levant templates to Nomad Packs is an easy process. Packs can contain commonly used applications, utility jobs, materials to help demonstrate or teach Nomad features, and more.

Have fun!

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