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Vagrant Cloud is moving to HCP

Vagrant Cloud is moving to HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) as the HCP Vagrant Registry.

We are excited to announce that Vagrant Cloud functionality was recently migrated to the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP) under the new name of HCP Vagrant Registry. All existing users of Vagrant Cloud are now able to migrate their Vagrant boxes to HCP.

Vagrant itself hasn’t changed, it’s still an easy-to-use tool for building complete development environments. HCP is a fully managed platform offering HashiCorp products as a service. Improvements coming as part of Vagrant Cloud’s transition to HCP include:

Users who migrate now will be able to claim their boxes by registering for a (free) HCP account under the same email address as their existing Vagrant Cloud account. Migrated users can expect all existing URLs and client workflows to operate as usual after migration thanks to client upgrades and redirects between Vagrant Cloud and HCP Vagrant Registry.

Users who take no action to migrate will have their boxes automatically migrated in August, after which HashiCorp will retire the Vagrant Cloud app.

»Box search improvements

The improved box search now includes Architectures as well as Providers for easier scanability, making it even easier to find the perfect environment on which to build your next project. We’ve also updated the search algorithm for better rating and sorting on registry names and box names.

HCP Vagrant Registry public search page for all Vagrant boxes

HCP Vagrant Registry public search page for all Vagrant boxes

»UI refresh and resource management updates

As part of the change, we’ve updated the Vagrant Registry UI for improved navigation and artifact management, and to be consistent with HCP resource management. The migration to HCP introduces new resource management concepts.

HCP Vagrant Registry create new box workflow

HCP Vagrant Registry create-new-box workflow

HCP organizations are parent-level entities that can have up to ten projects. A single HCP account can be a member of multiple organizations, as an invited user, but can only create and own a single organization.

HCP projects let organization owners segment resources by team, environment, etc; such as HCP Vagrant Registries or HashiCorp Virtual Networks (HVN). Each organization is assigned a default-project at creation and may have up to 10 projects.

»No-charge hosting

Going forward, HashiCorp will host all boxes in the HCP Vagrant Registry, public and private, without a charge. You can have an unlimited number of private and public boxes in HCP Vagrant Registry.

»Get started

The new HCP Vagrant Registry will have an improved box search experience and a refreshed Vagrant Cloud UI. This will reduce the time it takes to create new boxes and search the registry. Additionally, users will now be able to have an unlimited number of private boxes.

To get started, review the migration guide and migration tool in the Vagrant Cloud UI. The migration tool allows you to initiate and monitor the migration of your artifacts to HCP Vagrant Registry.

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