What to Expect at HashiConf EU Training Day

In only a few weeks, HashiCorp staff will join infrastructure operators, administrators, developers, and practitioners in Amsterdam for our first full multi-day, multi-track HashiConf EU event in Europe.

We have doubled the number of training sessions we are offering and several have already sold out. Every course has been updated for recent features to give you a hands-on experience that will help you become confident using HashiCorp infrastructure automation tools.

In each session you will experience:

  • A pre-built personal cloud workstation with credentials for deploying code and creating infrastructure
  • An expert instructor who knows the tools well
  • Several teaching assistants from our engineering department to answer your in-depth questions
  • A copy of the slides, lab exercises, and demo code to take home with you
  • Access to all of our online training materials for advance preparation and continued proficiency

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»Terraform 101: Provision Modern Infrastructure

A full class session has already sold out but a few seats remain in our concurrent second session of Terraform 101. Learn the industry standard Infrastructure as Code tool from scratch. You'll create compute resources and security groups on AWS and will deploy a dynamic web application.

This course has been updated for Terraform 0.12 so you'll learn the most up-to-date syntax.

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»Terraform Enterprise 201: Collaborative Infrastructure Automation

This course has sold out. Sign up now for HashiConf US in Seattle in September.

»Vault 101: Secure Applications for Developers

We completely rebuilt our Vault 101 course to meet the needs of developers who want to write applications using Vault for secrets management and encryption as a service. You'll learn about application integration, how to interact with Vault from CLI, API, and web UI. You'll also learn about Vault server architecture so you can build applications confidently.

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»Vault 102: Secure Operations with Vault

We have one seat left in our Vault 102 course for operators. If you plan to build a Vault cluster or maintain an existing cluster, this is the course for you. You'll understand Vault architecture from the beginning all the way through to configuration, initialization, unsealing, and Shamir's secret sharing.

From there, you'll go hands on with auto-unseal, rekeying, key rotation, policies, auth methods, ACL templating, and platform integration.

We created this course from scratch this year and many have told us it's exactly what they need.

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»Consul 101: Connect Dynamic Applications

Service mesh is a fast moving target across the industry, and yet Consul has been the reliable standard for service discovery for many years. Consul is downloaded over 1 million times every month, and we've seen datacenters running tens of thousands of nodes of Consul.

In this course, you'll learn about dynamic service discovery, service configuration, and service mesh. You'll access your own Consul cluster and will deploy several microservices which work together resiliently thanks to Consul.

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»Nomad 101: Run Applications at Scale

Nomad is a simple, yet powerful tool used by companies of all sizes to safely and reliably deploy and scale their applications, whether packaged in containers, shipped as binaries, bundled as JAR files, or delivered as GPU code. After experiencing this course, you'll understand Nomad architecture, how to install and configure Nomad, how to create and run jobs, and how to use rolling updates or blue-green deployments.

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We realize that, even with the ease of use and power of the HashiCorp stack, a full day hands-on course with an experienced instructor can go a long way toward helping you build proficiency and return to work with the confidence to take these tools into production.

We've created extensive online guides to help you learn on your own, but this is the time to learn with your peers and with the experts at HashiCorp.

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