Schedule and orchestrate applications with greater efficiency and resilience

Nomad Features
  • Application resilience

    Build highly available and fault-tolerant applications.

  • Hyper-efficient use of resources

    Nomad uses bin packing, autoscaling, and more to schedule jobs efficiently for optimal resource usage.

  • Flexible orchestration

    Create an efficient, unified workflow for any application type, like containers, VMs, binaries, and more.

  • Work at enterprise scale

    Nomad clusters can be easily connected to achieve unprecedented scale, all operating under a single pane of glass.

Integrate with your existing workflows

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Use HashiCorp for your application delivery workflow

Use Nomad as part of HashiCorp’s entire application delivery workflow, including Terraform, Vault, Consul, and Waypoint.

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Connect from everywhere

Connect to Nomad from many popular services like AWS, Azure, GCP, and more.

Common use cases for Nomad

  • For cloud, on-premises, and edge deployments

    Nomad supports running many application types, including containers, and integrates seamlessly with Consul, Vault, and Waypoint to enable a complete solution while maximizing operational flexibility.

  • Orchestration for all types of applications

    Nomad natively supports running legacy applications, static binaries, Java JARs, virtual machines, and OS commands directly. Teams can benefit from self-healing, bin packing, zero-downtime deployments, autoscaling, and more.

  • Workload management for edge devices

    Build a single, consolidated, flexible workflow to meet edge deployment needs. Nomad’s support for device plugins lets teams take advantage of hardware running on specialized devices. Users can deploy Nomad with a single cluster topology on hybrid infrastructure to place workloads to the cloud or at the edge.

Get started with Nomad

Nomad is an efficient, easy-to-use application scheduler and orchestrator to manage cloud, on-premises, and edge environments. Get started today.