Terraform Editions

Use Terraform for infrastructure automation at any scale.

Cloud infrastructure automation as a service

Terraform Cloud is the fastest way to adopt Terraform, the world’s most widely used multi-cloud provisioning product. Offered as a service, Terraform Cloud provides everything practitioners, teams, and global businesses need to create and collaborate on infrastructure and manage risks for security, compliance and operational constraints.

Why Terraform Cloud?

How Terraform Cloud works

Terraform provides infrastructure automation to deploy to AWS, Azure, GCP, other clouds, or an on-premises datacenter, and almost every other aspect of your infrastructure.

Terraform Cloud provides infrastructure automation as a service for:

  • Practitioners getting started with new configurations and remote state.
  • Teams who want to create, share, and manage Terraform configurations.
  • Organizations who want to standardize provisioning automation and provide policy and governance
  • Sign-up for Free
  • Upgrade in-place
  • Grow as needed