Multi-Cloud Compliance and Management

One workflow to provision, secure, govern, and audit any infrastructure.

Increase productivity and reduce risk with a consistent approach to multi-cloud provisioning

The Challenge

Single-vendor Infrastructure topologies are not extensible to other providers or external services. Teams use tools and workflows that only align to a single vendor.


  • Increased costs from vendor lock-in and premium pricing.
  • Reduced productivity with multiple workflows/APIs to learn and long lead times to support new LOBs.
  • Increased risk with multiple workflows to secure, govern, and audit.

The Solution

Multi-vendor Infrastructure topologies. Teams use a consistent workflow to provision, secure, govern, & audit any infrastructure.


  • Reduce costs by eliminating vendor lock-in and take advantage of credits & competitive pricing.
  • Increase productivity with a consistent workflow and reduce time to on-board vendors & support new LOBs.
  • Reduce risk with a single workflow to secure, govern, and audit.

Terraform Features

Consistent Workflow

One workflow to provision multi-vendor infrastructure.


Enhance the workflow to secure, audit, and govern infrastructure with encrypted variables, audit logs, and policy as code.


160+ available providers for a broad set of common infrastructure. Provider SDK makes it simple to create new and custom providers.

Providers leverage infrastructure-specific APIs to preserve unique capabilities for each provider.

Compose Multiple Providers

Use best of breed features from different providers and compose them in a single logical topology.

  1. resource "digitalocean_droplet" "web" {
  2. name = "tf-web"
  3. size = "512mb"
  4. image = "centos-5-8-x32"
  5. region = "sfo1"
  6. }
  7. resource "dnsimple_record" "hello" {
  8. domain = ""
  9. name = "test"
  10. value = "${digitalocean_droplet.web.ipv4_address}"
  11. type = "A"
  12. }

Community & Partners

1200+ community members. Partners and community members create and contribute to the vast updates to Terraform core and providers.

Multi-Cloud Policy as Code


Codified policies enforce security, compliance, and operational best practices across all cloud provisioning. Policy as code eliminates wasted time waiting for code reviews and security audits.

  1. # Restricting region in AWS
  2. aws_region_valid = rule {
  3. all region_values as rv {
  4. rv == "us-east-1"
  5. }
  6. }
  7. # Restricting machine types in GCP
  8. allowed_machine_types = [
  9. "n1-standard-1",
  10. "n1-standard-2",
  11. "n1-standard-4",
  12. ]
  13. # Restricting publisher in Azure
  14. allowed_publishers = [
  15. "MicrosoftWindowsServer",
  16. "RedHat",
  17. ]

Team Management & SSO


Use GUI-based team management workflows and SSO to granulary enable and manage an organization of separate business units, teams, and users with role based access controls.

Audit Logging


Audit logs provide a central system of record to track all provisioned infrastructure.

Terraform Open Source and Enterprise Features

Learn more about infrastructure as code and provisioning features with Terraform Open Source and collaboration, policy, and governance features with Terraform Enterprise.

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